Online registration for events held EXPOCENTRE AO

Dear visitor!

Please register online and receive your personal e-ticket to your e-mail. For accessing the event, print your ticket and show it to an operator in the exhibition/event registration zone. Your e-ticket will be exchanged for a visitor badge giving you daily access to an exhibition/an event.

Please choose an exhibition/an event from the list, enter e-mail to which you want us to send your ticket and complete the visitor’s questionnaire. Having completed your questionnaire and having clicked the ‘Send the ticket request’ link, within 15 minutes, you will receive a message containing a link, which needs to be activated, to your e-mail. Your request will be processed by the moderator, and you will receive an e-ticket or another message to the same e-mail within two business days.

In case of incorrect display of your e-ticket, you can download it by clicking the link in the message in a web browser. In case of incorrect display of your e-ticket in the web-browser, please contact Technical Support Service: by e-mail or by phone +7 (495) 649-8810 (from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Moscow time on business days).

Name of an exhibition/an event Registration validity period
KHIMIA’2016 19.04.2016 - 22.09.2016
CJF'2016. Autumn 16.06.2016 - 29.09.2016
MIR DETSTVA’2016 10.02.2016 - 30.09.2016
REKLAMA'2016 24.05.2016 - 30.09.2016
OBUV. MIR KOZHI’2016. AUTUMN 18.05.2016 - 06.10.2016
AGROPRODMASH'2016 16.05.2016 - 14.10.2016
TECHNOFORUM'2016 18.05.2016 - 27.10.2016
LESDREVMASH’2016 22.06.2016 - 27.10.2016
CONSUMEXPO'2016 23.06.2016 - 25.11.2016
MEBEL 2016 11.05.2016 - 25.11.2016
ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE 2016 11.08.2016 - 09.12.2016
HEALTHY LIFE STYLE'2016 11.08.2016 - 09.12.2016
RUSSIAN HEALTH CARE WEEK 2016 11.08.2016 - 09.12.2016
NAVITECH 2017 18.08.2016 - 28.04.2017